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Imanes Neodimio para Biomagnetismo Médico



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A) - Legal Convention for biomasc.com

B) - Privacy Policy www.biomasc.com

A) Legal Convention www.biomasc.com

1 - Terms and Conditions
Upon entering the portal www.biomasc.com accept and use it clear that this is owned by biomasc ® and its time user, you accept the terms and conditions on the uses, and content guidelines outlined in this agreement and declaring acceptance partnership for this purpose in electronic media.
Yes, in the given case not agree or accept the terms, guidelines and conditions totally and absolutely renounce the user must stay connected, access, use, use, analyze or observe the above mentioned website www.i- manes.com . In turn if the person or user accesses between or connect to observe, interact or lead any action will be considered as an absolute understanding, consent and acceptance complete and utter to the terms and conditions stipulated on the use of the above in the agreement.
A single fact of the use of website www.biomasc.com award given to anyone and the general public cataloging and inalienable status of user (hereinafter referred to in this agreement as "user" or "users" ) and implicit, irrevocable, total and unconditional acceptance of each and all generalities and written, and expressed as described in these conditions and terms of use published by (biomasc ®) at the right and particuliralidades same time the user accesses the site www.biomasc.com .
Any edition, enlargement, adjustment, correction or amendment to the pleadings and these terms and conditions will be made and performed when the service owner in this case (biomasc ®), considers it appropriate, and so the user will sole responsibility to ensure you have and take action toward understanding and these modifications.
biomasc ®, the official address on Prince Street 53, floor 1 Of 6, Vigo 36002 (Pontevedra) can not, must not have the ability to assume liability for the misuse, improper use, illegal use, use incorrect, or abuse the content, material and information platform of page www.biomasc.com .
Under European legal limits www.biomasc.com one or assumes any liability for the misuse, improper use, illegal use, misuse, or abuse of the contents, materials, stage, lack of truthfulness, updating, completeness, or any similar action deribamiento content, materials, information portal data to www.biomasc.com .
The information, text, content or materials linked or not linked to www.biomasc.com or give or give rise to opinions, queries, advice, consulting with legal advice of any kind as it is unique and only one service.
The pages, urls, links, links of www.biomasc.com turn can contain strings or url links (links) to other pages or other third parties outsidewww.biomasc.com and why it does not mean that they can be controlled or that use domain, alliance, collaboration or acceptance of your stable to changing these. As www.biomasc.com should, or can accept direct or indirect responsibility for the content, actions and third party referrals.
Written, content, text, graphics, sound materials, photographs, information, developments, databases and platforms contained and included within the portal www.biomasc.com are the exclusive property of the same brand or its licensors . For any act of use, other than reproduction and display normal use, storage, public communication partially or totally must have the written permission of www.biomasc.com .
Like, to access some of the services from which www.biomasc.com offers through your site, you must provide some data and personal information under the due compliance with the provisions of Law 15 / 1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data informing you that by filling in the requested and these forms, your personal data will be stored and processed in files of biomasc ® for the purpose of providing and offer our services and to inform continuous improvement portal www.biomasc.com . We also inform you of the possibility that you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your personal data, free info@biomasc.com by email or postal address Walk of Stars 1. Sect 8 El Albir, Alicante 03581, Spain.

1.1 Changes, Returns
Items that are sold online at www.biomasc.com exchanges, returns and withdrawal as the legal code mark Spain as the rules and allowed limits.
The period for returns is 14 natural long days and when the product is in good condition in which it was received as before validating the refund will be required to pass the inspection by our quality department because this type of Articles tear easily losing its original appearance and being well we will be impossible to sell them again as used item. This is for customer own safety. Process for exchanges and returns the customer will be sent via email to post@biomasc.com a form of rebates, which will be answered with the same address where the order shall deliver via courier. We know if the sending of your exchange or refund it will not get on your own or schedule the collection of this address to your debiting this cause.
Shipping charges for returns or exchanges shall be provided by the customer.
A look received the package return or exchange will proceed to inspection and verification. A see validated by the quality department and approved will be refunded the amount charged by the change request or sent to you. The form for return must contain the following characters.

- Full name - Full address - phone - number of order or order - invoice number - reasons for returning the product -

1.2 Withdrawal
The buyer will have client or deadline to withdraw from the shipping before you receive email confirmation of shipment or 12 hours after placing the order or whichever comes first.

Two. Convention
Accession Convention due to the use of the web portal on the Internet www.biomasc.com celebrating his look: on the one hand, (biomasc ®) and, on the other hand, the user, accepting and duly subjecting Both parties, as provided in written hobble herein.

3 Licensing
3.1-Under the holding in this agreement, "(biomasc ®)" gives the user permission limited to the sole right and not joint, revocable, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to view and use the site www. biomasc.com in accordance with the terms and conditions of use and the same are set forth here. Still for the purpose of this present agreement, the parties agree that the term called 'user' means and understand any subject or person of any country, area, and nature intended you to enter the website www.biomasc. com and or any of its child pages, subdomain urls that display the same contents to and from yoa person anywhere and nature that are discharged to use any service or services that are offered through this site www.i -manes.com .
3.2 - The user can print only to copy any content, materials, publications and information on the website www.biomasc.com one and only for personal use and the use of exploitation, disclosure is strictly prohibited, with viral trade of this information. If flout not follow or ignore this point www.biomasc.com be governed by the laws of intellectual property and copyright to European laws.
3.3 Unless the provision of a low approval prior written consent of (biomasc ®) is strictly prohibited and unlawful for any use other than bribery made to individual, personal and non-commercial exploitation, publication, distribution, assignment, subsidence, sale, electronic reproduction by other means, partial to total of any information, document or graphic appears on the website www.biomasc.com

April. Rules of use for the website www.biomasc.com .
The user e (biomasc ®) agree that the use of web usage and www.biomasc.com is subject to the following rules:
1. The user know, acknowledge and agree that the content and information posted I stored www.biomasc.com be identified and accepted way to recognize that this is generated and from the brand (biomasc ® ), his collaborators, writers, suppliers or partners.
February. Nevertheless, content, access, information, concepts and opinions posted on www.biomasc.com not necessarily reflect the position (biomasc ®) or its founders, members, employees , officers, directors, shareholders, licensors and licensees (hereinafter named as "members").
For this reason, (biomasc ®) as a brand or company is not responsible for any content, information, opinions to the concepts published on the website www.biomasc.com . In this case, the user is encouraged to consult with experts in the field. Also, (biomasc ®) is not responsible for the information and content on www.biomasc.com and its subpages, links or domains with the understanding that the use and monitoring of this is and will be under the stewardship and responsibility of the user.
Three. (biomasc ®) reserves the right at any time to carry out the lock in access to remove part or all of the contents, sections, information, products, materials with communication.
If the user needs or wants more information about a specific content can consult through a statement (biomasc ®) is an expert on the subject.
April. Users acknowledge that (biomasc ®) does not control or certain censure or some of the content available on the website published oy www.biomasc.com . For this reason, (biomasc ®) assumes no responsibility for the content on the page for users, providers, writers or outside (biomasc ®) and there is no control over editing generated by third parties does not assume any responsibility .
May. www.biomasc.com can not guarantee and is not responsible for the perfect operation of the product and that for this there are a range of suppliers, coordinators, as well as services and systems that can be employed and the affecting instability at www . biomasc.com.

May. Formats
He and consumers know and recognize that when you provide personal information required in some or one of the services provided on the website www.biomasc.com give (biomasc ®) authorization and faculty legal pointing in Article 109 of the Federal Copyright Act or by the laws of your case. In all cases, users must respond to the veracity of the information provided (biomasc ®)
The user also requires that for the provision of these services accept the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement for such effects lead.

6. Copyright and industrial property
(biomasc ®) and www.biomasc.com , logos, and all materials derived from the brand and listed derivative and off the website www.biomasc.com have commercial rights are works Art and are protected by European and international treaties and laws applied to them regarding intellectual property and copyright.

Copyright protected legally and properly found in favor of (biomasc ®) its founders, partners, companies, affiliates, suppliers to owners, in accordance with applicable legislation on intellectual Spanish, European and international property .
Dramatically and prohibits the user to edit, modify, change, alter, remove partially intentional, accidental, totally formal or communications, notices, marks, names, extensions, publications, advertising, ads, logos and or any material or information contained at www.biomasc.com .
In such case the user publish, send, transcribe or share with (biomasc ®) any information, material, appliance, software or any equipment has generally required or be licensed or not licensed with this act the user granting to (biomasc ®) a perpetual, universal, free, non-exclusive, royalty-free international licensing, which includes general and commercial rights such as existing and resell.
Said and written

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